A Night at Contacta: Connecting, Tasting, and Growing Together


In the heart of the Southwest Netherlands and Flanders region, where waterways, logistics hubs, and industry converge, we had the privilege of participating in the renowned Contacta exhibition in Goes, Zeeland. For one memorable night, our young startup, committed to bringing flavor and sustainability to water, found itself among esteemed companies of the region. This unique opportunity, made possible through the support of Dockwize, the largest innovation hub in Zeeland, allowed us to share our story and connect with a diverse audience.

35 Years of Contacta:

Celebrating its 35th year, Contacta.nl stands as a beacon for companies, organizations, and governments, providing a platform for networking and collaboration. In a region characterized by scattered locations and vast opportunities for import, export, energy transition, and innovation, Contacta.nl plays a crucial role in bringing entities together. The annual networking event, held in November, attracts 20,000 business visitors and fosters connections in a dynamic environment.

Our Humble Presence:

We showcased our commitment to quality, sustainability, and community. Positioned alongside established companies, our startup embraced the chance to be part of this thriving ecosystem. It was a night where water met innovation, and we were there to share our unique approach to enhancing the taste of water.

Dockwize Support:

Our presence at Contacta was made possible through the support of Dockwize, Zeeland's premier innovation hub. Grateful for their backing, we participated in a food tour, arranged in collaboration with Rabobank, which allowed us to introduce ourselves to a wider audience. The product tasting that followed was a highlight, as visitors sampled our infused waters featuring our signature WaterMates herb bags. The immediate positive feedback and on-the-spot orders validated our dedication to providing a delightful water experience.

Feedback as a Compass:

The valuable feedback received during the product tasting is a compass guiding our journey. Understanding our users' tastes is essential, and each comment helps refine our WaterMates blends. It's a collaborative process, and we are grateful for every palate that contributed to making our products even better.

Closing Thoughts:

As we reflect on our night at Contacta, we carry forward the lessons learned, the connections made, and the gratitude for the support that surrounds us. Our commitment to providing a unique and sustainable water experience remains unwavering, and events like Contacta fuel our ambition to become a staple in the hearts and homes of our community. Stay tuned for more stories of flavor, sustainability, and community as we continue this exciting journey.

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