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Here we share how we see the world, how we are impacting and what news and updates are happening. We highly appreciate your comments! We love to hear from your and please be assured that we change based on the feedback we receive.

How Our Daily Choices Impact Smallholder Farmers and what oostaMo stands for?

Failure to integrate smallholder farmers from remote regions into our daily consumption means losing the chance to positively influence them.

The Global Impact of Local Choices: A Thoughtful Reflection on Eating Local

As someone rooted in a farming family in the Middle East, I bring these thoughts not to draw conclusions but to spark a conversation.

A Night at Contacta: Connecting, Tasting, and Growing Together

As we reflect on our night at Contacta, we carry forward the lessons learned, the connections made, and the gratitude for the support that surrounds us.

A Multisensory Journey Through Generations

We're thrilled to share a sneak peek into an upcoming event that promises to be more than just an evening—it's a sensory voyage through time, culture, and the roots of oostaMo.