How Our Daily Choices Impact Smallholder Farmers and what oostaMo stands for?


Did you know that the global market size of flavored water is around 30 billion USD? It's a small fraction of the money flowing around the world.

Smallholder farmers in remote regions worldwide aim to find their voice in global trade, aspiring to play dual roles: 

  1. Firstly, they seek to showcase the high quality of their produce, contributing to the health and well-being of global citizens. 
  2. Secondly, they strive to preserve or revive their nature-inspired ancient farming practices or transition to modern, sustainable, and regenerative practices to conserve their ecosystems. 

Without these possibilities, displacement becomes inevitable, leading to immense suffering, as these communities are esteemed and capable in their own ecosystems but become marginalized or refugees in new environments, causing their communities to break apart with unbearable consequences.


Who can represent smallholder farmers in the global market, going beyond big commercial players focused solely on stock value and executive bonuses? Someone from their own family!

I, Mo, as the grandson of a smallholder farmer in the Middle East, see this role for myself.


We, small farmers of the world, must translate our products to something that can be understood by you and can be easity used in your lifestyle. That’s why Mo, come up with mission to encourage you to drink more water by infusing your drinking water with flowers and plants produced by smallholder farmers.

Why hydration? 

  1. Because it's a basic element of life and health! 
  2. Dried plants and flowers that we use to naturally flavor the drinking water, are lightweight and easily transportable globally.
  3. It's an easily understandable and relatively new market, providing ample room for innovation and the introduction of new ideas.

Every Euro or Dollar you or we spend is a tool to bring about change somewhere. We aim to build a venture that provides you with the means to firstly enjoy the excellent results of the hard work of smallholder farmers and secondly collaborate with them for positive change in favor of nature.

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